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Our Story

The Black Nashville Assembly (BNA) is a participatory democracy, Black organizing, and political engagement project. The BNA is a quarterly assembly of Black people in Nashville. At our assemblies, we discuss the issues that impact our lives, create solutions that will transform the lives of Black people in Nashville, and take collective action to implement those solutions.


This project includes strategic outreach to Black people in Nashville, political education, relationship building, leadership development, community surveys, and community block meetings. Together we are creating a bold political platform, mobilizing Black people to build political power, engaging in issue-based campaigns that align with our political agenda, and holding our elected officials accountable to our visionary demands. We are a political home for people who can't vote, who don't vote, and voters looking for a meaningful reason to vote.

We started the Black Nashville Assembly in 2020 to mobilize and organize Black people to transform Nashville through political engagement. We are committed to Black-led participatory democracy as a solution to address government infrastructure and policies that fail to honor our people's needs.


The participatory democracy we are talking about is unlike anything we've seen in Nashville because it fundamentally changes the power dynamics between our communities and elected officials, giving us the power to create solutions that transform our lives.

We Need Your Support Today!

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