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Build Black political power with us.

The Black Nashville Assembly is building a Bold and Black political agenda and organizing to transform Nashville.


Who we are

The Black Nashville Assembly (BNA) is a participatory democracy, Black organizing, and political engagement project. The BNA is a quarterly assembly of Black people in Nashville. At our assemblies, we discuss the issues that impact our lives, create solutions that will transform the lives of Black people in Nashville, and take collective action to implement those solutions.

Our public safety survey

The Black Nashville Assembly is creating a Bold Black political agenda that responds to Black people’s need for community-driven public safety. We will use this survey to create our Public Safety Political Agenda for the 2022 judicial and district attorney elections.

In the media

Nashville Organizers Want Black People To Be A Powerful Political Collective

"Every politician in Nashville is supposedly progressive yet we have a hard time getting our points of view even heard," organizer Theeda Murphy says.

The Black Nashville Assembly wants to create an agenda that ensures the government doesn't create barriers for Black people's progress. They're riding a momentum sparked by Georgia flipping blue and using a legacy of strategies from people-driven movements.

Black Nashville Assembly Seeks Input on Public Safety Plan

Organizers of the Black Nashville Assembly last week announced a public input survey to gather feedback on a community-driven public safety plan that reimagines public institutions like police, courts and jails to make them more equitable to the Black community.

“We expect the city to listen to the voice of the people,” Black Nashville Assembly organizer Erica Perry said during a news conference at Jefferson Street Missionary Baptist Church. “We expected officials to do that, and they have not yet done that.”

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